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HMA is highly competent to improve your patient referrals via the internet. We are the Google certified partners, and meet the highest standards of Google for both ethics and results. Our specialty lies in attracting and restraining both old and new patients via digital advertising on various social media platforms and Google. Our SEO programs are custom-designed to get your healthcare services to the top search engines. And lastly, we create search-engine-friendly and marketing-oriented websites.

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An Active Website

Having an active website with responsive action and engaging content will help you stand out of the competition. HMA designs your website with specific content, blogs, and press releases to encompass an adequate amount of information for patients looking out for your services.

Engage Via Social Media

Patients are active online and actively looking for new treatments, medications, and healthcare products to enhance their quality of living. We being healthcare marketers understand the best utilization of social media marketing.

Optimize for Search (SEO)

At HMA we List down the highly potential keywords (which the patients search for your products and services) to create your content around these keywords and optimize them with blogs, as expert digital marketers strictly emphasize more on incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and blogging.

Stay Connected with Video

Video is prominent in medical practice marketing. Now a days, it is the trending strategy for doctors to create a connection & the best way to prove your expertise and personality so that patients feel more comfortable putting their health in your hands.

Get instant results with paid search & social media

With so many methods of advertising, one marketing method that has a good reputation for showing positive results is PPC marketing.PPC marketing stands for pay-per-click, which means that advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. So, to boost your investments, get in touch with our healthcare marketing professionals.

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Founded in 2009, HMA team started as a small marketing agency focused on providing full-service marketing and development for all types of businesses. As we grew, we realized how successful our strategies were within the healthcare industry, hence, we specialized. Today we work with physicians, urgent care centers, dentists, medical groups, and specialists across the nation and overseas to boost their online presence and improve their healthcare practice.


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Learn How To Build An Impactful Healthcare Marketing



To put it in simple terms, healthcare marketing typically focuses on promoting helpful healthcare services and the medical practitioners who provide these services in a way that helps patients find their suitable treatment options quickly and precisely.

Healthcare marketing strategies are multidisciplinary and derived from traditional marketing but are used to promote helpful content that educates people about the prevention and treatment of various health conditions.

Unlike traditional marketing, where the final goal is to help the service provider financially, the goal of healthcare marketing is to benefit the consumers/ patients ethically. And to achieve this goal, organizations like HMA help distinct medical practitioners establish their medical services online and beacon the patients who are in need of those specific services.

Different marketing agencies provide distinct marketing plans and have their own ways of executing their strategies. However, any typical healthcare marketing plan is executed in the following essential steps:

Step 1: Listing and analysing products and services – First, the medical products, treatments and services are thoroughly analysed and categorised to have a clear idea of what exactly is to be promoted.

Step 2: Defining the patient base – Once the treatments and services are finalised, the next step is to study and narrow down to a specific patient that is to be beaconed and analysing every other aspect related to those type of patients.

Step 3: Setting marketing and Sales Goals – Knowing what domain of patients to target, specific goals are set for executing sales and marketing plans in the S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) manner.

Step 4: Gap Analysis – This is the process of analysing which marketing factors have been executed and what more needs to be done to achieve the previously set goals.

Step 5: Promotion Process and Lead Identification – To understand what exactly the patients want and how to help them reach the client, various factors like patients’ problems, best sources/platforms to find them, why they opt for a treatment, common sales problems, and an overview of their treatment process are individually studied.

Step 6: Campaign Foundations – Now, the initial steps of marketing are taken by identifying suitable platforms and forums, creating social accounts, developing websites, etc. and ideas for promoting ethical campaigns are brainstormed.

Step 7: Finalizing Promotion Strategies – To achieve the expected marketing goal, different marketing strategies such as blogging, social media postings, video content, etc. are chosen and the content is developed accordingly.

Step 8: Expert Proofing – The final step is to have the content and strategies verified and scrutinised by an expert of the targeted medical field. The content is to be verified for correctness and ethical credibility.

Building an Influential image: Healthcare marketing strategies help a medical practitioner in establishing an influential online image which can easily create a sense of higher credibility from the patient’s perspective.

Wider visibility: These strategies can be targetted over a wide geographic area, as wide a state, a country or even the world! This helps patients from around the world to find and connect to any medical practitioner through minimal research.

Building trust: Trust is built on credibility and assurance, and that’s precisely what online marketing creates overtime.

Making More Connections: A medical practitioner’s visibility also helps him connect with other experts and practitioners around the world seamlessly and share valuable opinions and discoveries.

Online reputation building: Healthcare marketers focus on helping their clients establish a highly impactful reputation by finetuning their marketing strategies.

Location-Based SEO: Marketing is smartly targetted over a defined location where patients would easily find and reach the medical practitioner.

Content Marketing: Promoting the right content on the right platform to attract the right patient base to the right medical services and treatments of the client.

Mobile Responsiveness: This is the greatest need of the day where more than 80% of the patients search for healthcare services online. This is achieved by checking websites and content for mobile-friendliness and moulding the marketing strategies to do better on mobile applications.

The simple answer is – ‘because all the patients are online’. In this era, If you’re not visible online, you don’t exist for your patients at all. 

Online healthcare marketing is the perfect way of exposing your specialised medical practices to the world and distinguishing your image from other medical practitioners.

Healthcare marketing is crucial for both the patients and doctors to achieve what they want effortlessly.