5 Brilliant Healthcare SEO Tips That Can Be A Game-Changer

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Patients are browsing medical websites to find out the best healthcare treatment provider. If you own a medical site, can they find you easily on the Internet?

Google shows ten best search results for every query searched by any user. Is your website listed among these ten search results?

You have an excellent record of a daily patient visit. But, are you facing difficulty in finding patients from different corners of the nation?

You may be receiving excellent patient review for your treatments and services. But, are you feeling like you aren’t serving maximum patients?

If the answer to all of the questions mentioned above is a NO, it’s time to visit a healthcare marketing agency in Pune for medical SEO.

What is Medical SEO?

In this digital era, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has created a buzz around the healthcare industry. Although every industry has been benefitting from SEO and digital marketing strategies, it must be noted that the medical industry is the most competent among all. It is continually evolving, upgrading, and breeding. Practices that were safe a month ago has been taken over by an enhanced and comparatively safer procedures. With a rigid medical principle, the pharmaceutical industry is progressing every day.

A medical SEO helps your medical practices reach new heights. It is a method that improves your online visibility by lifting your medical website and ranking it among the top search results on different search engine platforms. SEO practice includes distinct features that together ensure your patients find you among the top best health websites.

To create a strong medical SEO strategy, you need to invest time, money, or both. As you read further, you will find out the best SEO strategies practised by successful digital marketing experts for decades and do wonders for their client’s medical websites.

Medical SEO for Doctors

How can I make my medical practice visible among the top search results on Google? It is a question that every client (from any medical background) asks us first. So, we have curated a few tips to help every medical practitioner get an answer to this question.

Tip 1: Check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not?

As per the reports, 80% of the world population search for services, products, and luxurious items on their mobile phones. Check whether or not your medical website looks good on a mobile phone (both Android and iOS) and tablet. If your website page loading takes more time or doesn’t display correctly, people will take no time to skip the website and search for another mobile-friendly website. On average, you may lose 65% of potential patients due to the lack of a mobile-friendly website. Now, that is a considerable number of patients one cannot ignore.

To know more about how to make your website mobile-friendly, visit our digital marketing agency or contact our digital experts.

Tip 2: Speed up the website

Gone are the days when people would wait for 5 minutes to load an image on the Internet. Today, time is precious, and especially in the healthcare sector, time is everything. People demand fast websites and all the information they are looking for displayed on their screen in a second. If your website takes time to load, they will automatically leave the site in no time. Also, Google considers such websites as penalizing sites.

How to do this?

There are Google tools available to encounter the issues that may have reduced the loading speed of your website. You may be asked to follow these steps:

  • Increase your hosting speed
  • Remove unnecessary coding
  • Speed up the process of large files such as videos and multiple images
  • Other such possibilities

Note: If you are wondering how to perform these steps to increase your website loading speed, contact our digital marketing experts in Pune, and we shall guide you to overcome any possibilities that may impact your patient-doctor relationship.

Tip 3: Publish good content

People search on Google to seek information. If you are not proving useful or updated information, Google will not place your website among top search results. For instance, patients looking for “the best treatment options for back pain” will click on the search results that mention a few descriptions related to the back pain and treatment options. If your blog or content doesn’t offer relevant information, patients will leave the website, which leads to a higher bounce rate. Higher the bounce rate, more likely Google will push down your SEO ranking.

How to do this? To improve your content, pay close attention to what your patients are looking for and how you can help them with relevant information. Google offers some excellent tools where you can type your keyword (for example, Orthopaedic surgeon or dental surgeon), and Google will display many alternative suggestions. At HMA, our content marketing team collaborate with best SEO practices to create content around your keywords. And this is how your patient can immediately find your page relevant to the topic that interests them.

Tip 4: Create a Google My Business Profile

Creating your Google My Business Profile will help you in various aspects of your practice. You already know that Google often places a map at the top of some search results to help patients navigate the clinic/hospital. Such clinics/hospitals have their own Google My Business Profile (GMB). It is a great way to collect statistics such as:

  • How many patients chose your practice using GMB profile?
  • How many patients asked Google for directions to reach your clinic/hospital?
  • How many patients viewed your profile?

How to do this?
There are so many medical practices competing with one another to reach the top search rankings. Unfortunately, Google only features 3 Google My Business Profiles on the map as its top search results. You can get to that position by following these steps:

  • Update your profile with as many information as possible
  • Mention your working hours
  • Fill in the practice description column
  • Add high-quality images of your clinic/hospital
  • Increase your number of 5-star doctor reviews by winning happy patients

Tip 5: Create your Social Media Profile for your medical practice or doctor(s)

Creating social media pages are an excellent way to have high-quality backlinks from reputed third-party sites, which has a positive impact on your SEO boost. Helping your patients by addressing their health concerns via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will give your practice website a huge SEO boost. Building up an audience on social media also increases your website traffic and is a quick and effective way to drive new patients to your website.

Why Medical SEO?
Gone are the days when people kept a paper directory next to their telephone with all the important numbers saved in it. Today, people take out their phone, search for the “best eye clinic in Pune” and choose the one that best suits their location and work schedule. You see patients are not restricted to choosing one doctor or healthcare service provider. They have numerous options available on the Internet.

It is when the healthcare SEO comes in the role play. It ensures that the doctor’s website ranks among the top search results on every search engine platform. Doctors placed on the top search results are more likely to attract the patients. Also, as a doctor, you know that not all patients are the same. There may be some particular type of patients you want to treat depending on the conditions you love to treat, medical insurances that you accept, or specific procedures that offer higher reimbursements.

A medical SEO help you target the exact demographic of the patients you want to serve. Visit HMA or contact us today to know more about healthcare marketing in Pune. Our experts will help you understand the strategic formulas and practical solutions that will help you gain more patients and boost your online visibility to create a brand name for your medical practices.

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