5 Ways You Can RUIN Your Marketing Campaigns & WASTE Your Adwords Budget

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It is important to know what you need to do to succeed. But it is equally important to know what NOT to do to succeed. 

The process of marketing is a painstakingly long endeavor of trials and errors, and you’ll find many who would share how they succeeded in executing fruitful healthcare campaigns. However, the Google Ads rules and regulations are more stringent on marketing healthcare services than ever, and marketers around the world are facing unexpected campaign disapprovals. 

As a healthcare practitioner, there’s only so much you can do to learn about Adwords and monitoring ad campaigns. So instead of confusing you with complex ideas for improving your campaigns, let’s discuss some essential factors that can ruin your marketing plans for good. 

By Holding Back On The Budget

Everyone wants more profits with less investment, which is possible, only when there is little to no competition. On the contrary, healthcare marketing services is the largest competitive market on all advertising channels today. So running poor and short-lived campaigns isn’t going to get you any results. 

If you keep holding back on your campaign budget and stop running them every now and then, it is as good as wasting all the money for nothing. Ideal, you have to exhaust some budget until your ads gain significant traction. Also, stopping and starting campaigns costs much more than continuing the same campaign with a minimal budget.

By Basing Your Campaigns On Assumptions & Data Biases

Oftentimes, the intent of some ads is way off the behavior of their target audience, simply because they were designed to agree with the marketer’s mindset, not the patient’s. It may give you prolific impressions, but with little to no conversion rate.

Remember, you are not your audience. If you base your campaigns on your own assumptions or stereotypes about audience mindsets and build biased datasets, you’re marketing strategies will fail before they start. Try to understand your current audience by learning about your visiting patients, studying analytics and search trends. And finally, make sure every ad aims at the right seeker with the right intent.

By Not Following A Single Idea Long Enough 

In the world of digital campaigns, having a fickle and faithless strategy is worse than not having any strategy, because you lose money even after having a plan. You should try new strategy ideas, but randomly trying out any ad strategy won’t take you anywhere.

You have to let an idea survive long enough to prove its worth. In terms of medical ad campaigns, you have to dedicate a significant amount of budget and faith coupled with research and logic to test any campaign idea. Since it is a long-term process, you must have a clear goal of returns and a plan for getting it. And once you reach a goal, invest more in that causal ad and set higher ROIs.

By Expecting Short-Term Results

There is no fixed “give-and-take” plan for online campaigns, and the results cannot be estimated with close accuracy. It all depends on the targeting capabilities of your ads and the interest of your target audiences. But the only fact here is that consistently monitoring and improvising your campaigns can get you exponential returns.

Hence, a strategy of investing small sums in campaigns and expecting short-term results is doomed to fail. Though it is based on trials and errors, not giving up in the middle of a campaign is also an implicit criterion. If you truly want to build your online presence and use campaigning as an endless source of new patients, then you will have to stay here for long.

By Not Following Up With Prospects

Having more patients clicking on your ads and leaving their contact details is great, but it is fruitful only when you actually consult you or visit you for treatment. Irrespective of how many leads are generated your aim should be to try and convert all of them into prospect patients. (except for the spammers)

It is vital that your front desk and other personal are up to date with your campaign plans and ready to reach out to leads and answer any questions diligently. You can use CRM tools to ensure you don’t miss out on any leads and employ an apt remarketing strategy to get back lost leads. 

HMA has been in the healthcare campaigning business for over a decade now, and we have faced our fair share of failures. But we’ve learned and adapted our marketing strategies to hit the pain points of a target audience with a limited budget in hand. Additionally, we have created unique campaigning strategies to market for every unique domain of healthcare skillfully without facing unexpected ad disapprovals. If you want more tips on running foolproof campaigns, feel free to reach out to our Adwords specialists any time.

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