6 Fundamental DOs & DON’Ts Of Digital Marketing In Healthcare

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6 Fundamental DOs & DON’Ts Of Digital Marketing In Healthcare

Healthcare, Marketing, and Digital Marketing are three distinct, totally different fields. Yet, when we talk about Healthcare, they seem to merge – Healthcare marketing (or Medical marketing) is a thing. As much as we have stressed on it before, we can’t emphasize enough that digital marketing is very well a part of mainstream healthcare marketing today.

Now that we have established the fact that digital marketing and healthcare have merged, it is so important to understand the DOs & DON’Ts of the same. And that’s because of the fact that a lot of us aren’t really well versed with marketing online. Digital marketing is still something that even experts seem to keep learning about – it is not an established science!

What works for one, might not work for another. Here, we would address a few common DOs & DON’Ts, which can be tweaked a little as per your requirements. You’ll figure that out as you get on with your healthcare marketing journey.

DOs Of Digital Marketing

  • Consistency:

    Consistency is underrated, yet an overly used word. Be consistent is very generic advice, despite which we can’t stress enough on it. Write blogs often, post on social media every day, upload Youtube videos twice a week, interact with your online audience daily!

The only way to interact with your current audience is to have some form of interaction every single day. You miss a few days, and you lose the audience! Fresh content is the only reason they’re on social media.


  • Instant messaging:

    Well, this is particularly concerning social media and chatbots that you set up on the website to chat with your customers/visitors.

Digital Health services are huge today. People opt for online consultations because it gives them a chance to jump the queue, and also, they don’t have to adjust their day according to an appointment – they chat with the Doctor, and that’s that. In such a scenario, instant replies are really important because the average layman doesn’t have time in today’s day and age. 

If they don’t hear from you in probably in a couple of minutes – they’re gone. It’s best to hire staff (maybe a single person) to handle the messaging if you take only offline appointments. That way, you could at least acquire the patient and not let them go!

In a survey conducted by McKinsey, they found out that 75% of the respondents would go for online consultation rather than an offline appointment with the Doc!


  • Content Marketing:

    Ever heard of this term?

Content marketing refers to creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

For, e.g., I’m writing a blog here at HMA, which is a form of written content. I’m creating this content, publishing the same on the website. I would create social media posts around this and share its URL on HMA’s social media handles. This means I would be distributing the content around this particular topic to different channels online, basically targeting the same online audience.

As a digital marketer myself, I feel content marketing is the juiciest of the lot. Creating content and sharing with the world can almost be therapeutic. It is the only way you communicate with your audience. All other parts of digital marketing, be it healthcare seo, paid marketing, or social media – primarily rely on the content that you use to communicate with your core audience.

DON’Ts Of Digital Marketing

Now that we have covered the DOs let’s talk about the DON’Ts. While the DOs are really important to follow, it helps to avoid the DON’Ts; it’s like avoiding potholes on the road.

Here are a few DON’Ts that would help you avoid potholes on your road to digital marketing!

  • Don’t just sell with your content!

It might sound a bit weird because the only motive of creating content is to increase revenue, right?

Well, not entirely. Read on.

The layman – the usual reader of your blogs or a random ‘social media scroller’ does the activity in his or her free time, and there is no way they’re here to be sold. The digital world is all about fun, learning, and education. 

The motive of your content should be to educate and entertain, i.e., to edutain.

For, e.g., if you are a dentist – talk about dental problems that the commoner generally goes through and educate your audience about maintaining good dental health. Share dental memes, or maybe create them!

There are plenty of healthcare marketing ideas. You just need to get creative.

  • Don’t keep it about yourself!

As a creator myself, I used to make this mistake on a daily.

Your audience is on your page for them, not for you. They will stick around only when you talk about relatable stuff!

Focus entirely on your audience’s problems and provide solutions that will eventually lead them to avail of your services.

For, e.g., if you’re a Dentist, talk about how dental implants can be such an expensive affair. Then guide them to your clinic, where you’re currently offering 20% off on implants and how economically viable it is!

This surely isn’t a full-proof example and depends on the kind of Doctor you are. Workaround with what suits you.


  • Don’t rely on a single platform!

Digital marketing works best when you have a strong online presence, which is very difficult with a single platform. 

If you’re a good writer, have your blog. If you’re more of a video creator, have a Youtube channel. Choose your core content and support it with different social media. 

Just make sure that you’re on the right platform. Think where your users are and post accordingly.

Well, that’s about it. The 3 DOs & DON’Ts Of Digital Marketing In Healthcare. Just these 6 points will create a significant difference in your online interactions with your patients. I hope it was a good read.

Keep treating, keep marketing!

Author – Abhishek Khedkar, Digital Marketing Champion, HMA

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