9 Ways To Market Your Medical Practice!

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Gone are the days when healthcare was a noble profession. Well, to rephrase that – we are in times where even a noble industry like Healthcare needs to be marketed. 

The game is no more about being a quality healthcare service provider but about being within the realm of your patient’s consciousness. Or to put it into better words, to be as visible as possible.

With so many choices for a patient for so many different ailments, marketing has become an inevitable part of the Healthcare industry, and there are ‘n’ number of ways you could do that. 

Some are offline, but a large portion of these marketing techniques are online. We live in a digital age which has made marketing really cost-effective and easy, to say the least. Y

Let’s go through the different ways to Market Your Medical Practice, or rather, your Healthcare Clinic.

  • Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is more than just posting regularly on your social media handles. 

The goal here is to communicate with your current audience. SMO ensures brand trust, as there is two-way communication between you and your target audience, i.e., your patient.

Social media is one medical marketing tool that is underestimated. Having a good social media profile will ensure better interaction with your target patients, which basically just means that the patient thinks of YOU when he or she thinks of visiting a Doctor.

So how do you optimize your social media?

As a part-time micro-influencer on Instagram, here are my 2 cents!

  • Stick to your niche
  • Explore with all kinds of content – photos, videos, infographics, live, stories, etc.
  • Make it all about your audience, not you.
  • Look at your audience’s feedback and create what works for you
  • Be friendly – talk to your audience, reply to their DMs

  • Social Media Marketing (Not same as above)

When it comes to brand communications through social media, we can divide it into 2 parts – Optimization and Marketing.

Optimization is the free part, i.e., you don’t need to spend money for it. We spoke about how SMO will help us interact better with our prospects.

But what about increasing our brand awareness to the larger audience who doesn’t know about us? After all, talking about social media, one of our goals is to ensure more and more people get to know about our practice, right?

That is why Social Media Marketing (SMM). 

You could say that SMM is all the paid campaigns that you run on social media. Paid ads are available on almost all social media, some common ones being Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Quora.

  • Influencer Marketing

Ever seen people on social media with lots of followers promoting certain products or services? Of course, you have! Influencer marketing is growing and has huge potential, specifically when it comes to targeting people interested in a particular niche or living in a specific city/area/country.

It does have its cons, though. Influencers with fake followers aren’t hidden phenomena; such influencers might not provide enough value. So it is best to get a background check done while hiring an influencer for your medical marketing. 

If you are hiring a mega influencer, you could build a long-term relationship with the influencer. Many healthcare professionals get their patient leads from these influencers, and if you hire the right influencer, it could be a long-term and fruitful investment!

If you face trouble finding an influencer, you could contact a healthcare marketing agency to find specific influencers.

  • Do Exactly What We Do, ie. BLOG!

Blogs are a very powerful tool when it comes to medical marketing. Look at us – we’re a healthcare marketing agency, regardless of which we have a blog page.

There is tons of content out on the internet, and that is only because of the fact that people are searching for it. If you truly understand your audience, understand what they’re looking for on the internet, and blog about the same, you will attract traffic. This traffic can be easily converted into paying patients, with the help of concepts like Lead Magnet, offering them a discount on their first consultation with you, etc.

  • Hold webinars

Good marketing is all about making people realize that they will get value for what they pay. Webinars are a great way to educate and interact with people. You can attract a whole lot of people by holding webinars, answering common FAQs when it comes to your practice, or hold a lecture on a topic that a lot of people might be interested in.

  • Publish e-Newsletters

e-Newsletters are somewhat related to blogging, but they’re a bit different. e-Newsletters are when you share exclusive content with people who have signed up for it. They are blogs, but they are exclusive. 

While blogs are for everyone to read, e-newsletters will help you identify prospects who are actually interested in reading more of your content. You can push more of your marketing efforts on them, and convert them into a patient!

  • Sponsor events

There are quite a few health events and conferences that happen around the world. Try to sponsor these events, especially if they are healthcare-related. Events (of any kind) help you reach a wide range of people, and sponsoring them is a great way to increase your overall brand awareness. Once these people are on your website, you can then spend other marketing efforts on them and ultimately convert them into paying patients!

  • Host live sessions

  Did you know?

Almost all social media are promoting live streams. If you engage with your audience on Facebook/Instagram live, chances are that your engagement might just go up by 6X. 

Livestreaming is the future. China has many of these live streaming apps; the Chinese have figured out that live streaming is where the future of content creation lies!

Use this feature to grow and interact with your audiences live! You could address FAQs or educate your audience about a trending topic. For example, if you’re a heart specialist, talk about precautions that heart patients should take, especially during COVID.

  • Referral Programs!

Referral programs are those where one customer refers another, and both have an incentive in the arrangement. Such an arrangement can be made for your medical practice.

Healthcare is a service where trust is a very important factor. If one patient recommends you to her friend, the friend is more likely to take her advice.

This will ensure a strong relationship between your patients & yourself, based on trust.

Well, that was all for this article. There are many more ways to market your medical practice, and I’d be too ambitious if I try to cover it all in a single blog. They will be covered in future blogs, ebooks, and other articles at HMA! 

If you want to know more about how to market your medical practice, read other blogs posted on our website, download our ebook, or contact us!

Stay connected and keep reading!

Author – Abhishek Khedkar, Digital Marketing Champion, HMA

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