A Quick Guide on How to Improve Patient Experience

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Building a strong relationship between the healthcare providers and there can result in significant benefits such as early detection of diseases, improve clinical outcomes, and most importantly, treat as many patients as possible. Our healthcare marketing agency has enlisted some strategies to extemporize your physician’s behaviour and patient’s experience. Here are a few key steps you can implement to make changes in your practice.

Make your practice engaging: Your patients are going to judge your practice even before they book their first appointment. In the digital era, patient research online to collect enough information related to the hospital, clinic, treatment, cost, and the expertise of the doctors. It is a wise act as they feel their health is in safe hands. Thus, making a good impression should be your top priority. A well-designed website that clearly states the following:

  • Your mission
  • Vision
  • Credentials of your medical team
  • Services you offer
  • Location(s)
  • Working hours
  • Ease of access

HMA has created a vibrant platform for all healthcare providers out there looking for ways to serve as many patients as possible.

Pay attention to your patient’s need:If your website feels appealing to a patient, he/she will book an appointment or ask for a free consultation. It is where your input is required. Train your physicians, manager, and staff members to stay committed to serve the patient’s need on their every visit. You can measure the quality of your service on the following grounds:
  • Hosting patient post-encounter interviews
  • Establishing a secure patient dispute procedure
  • Conduct patient satisfaction surveys
The patients are already in pain. They will be looking for the best care, support, and a satisfying recovery, which is possible when your entire team pays attention to the patient’s every need and an out-of-the-way act.
Make ease-of-access as your priority: Ease-of-access starts with a mobile-friendly website. Not every patient will have access to a laptop or speed Wi-Fi. Hire the best medical marketing agency in Pune to design and develop a website that is easy to access and requires less time to load pages. Some other ways to fill the gap between patient and doctor’s appointment are:
  • Design a well-managed appointment scheduling system with realistic templates
  • Analyze the patient’s appointment booking demand and be prepared for rush hours
  • Start on time and end on time
  • Keep your office, and phone lines open during the lunch breaks and before opening the office (you can ask your administrator to arrive a few hours early in the morning to attend the phone appointments)
  • Track down your patient’s accessibility with a reminder message, e-mail, or follow-up call.

Commit to Professionalism: A professional healthcare provider never compromises on patient’s emergency needs. An unprofessional behaviour or one phone call unattended can cost you a potential patient. You can plan your services around significant time frames. It will need a few changes in service delivering method, such as:

  • Answering a patient’s call in a timely manner
  • Not leaving your patient’s call on hold for more than 30 seconds
  • Be diligent in returning calls and e-mails in a strict timeframe

One in five patients is lost because they kept waiting for their appointment. Many walk out of the hospital due to spending too much time on the doctor’s arrival. Therefore, timeliness is the key to winning more patients and managing patient flow.

Get in touch with our team, and we will help you optimize patient service and patient flow in a given timeframe. We are certified, trained, and skilled professionals well-aware of our client’s and patient’s need. To learn more on healthcare marketing strategies and game-changing tips, sign-up for our 30-minute free consultation call. Now!

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