Proven SEO Strategies for Doctors

Proven SEO Strategies for Doctors

SEO for Doctors: Proven SEO Strategies for Doctors In this era where the internet is evolving more every day, the stats of people who turn to google for even their smallest query is greater than ever. This fact applies to the field of healthcare too, and according to a study, more than 72% of patients […]

10 Factual Reasons Why Marketing In Healthcare Is Of Paramount Importance

marketing in healthcare

Healthcare has always been a very noble profession, which is why it took us centuries to come up with the concept of “Healthcare Marketing.” We have reached a point where there are hundreds of options for a patient when it comes to seeking health advice or treatment of any kind. In such a scenario where […]

5 Brilliant Healthcare SEO Tips That Can Be A Game-Changer

Healthcare SEO Tips

In this digital era, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has created a buzz around the healthcare industry. Although every industry has been benefitting from SEO and digital marketing strategies, it must be noted that the medical industry is the most competent among all. It is continually evolving, upgrading, and breeding. Practices that were safe a month ago has been taken over by an enhanced and comparatively safer procedures. With a rigid medical principle, the pharmaceutical industry is progressing every day.