Nurturing People Before Patients-How To Connect With PeopleSo They Trust You As Patients

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Nurturing People Before Patients – How To Connect With People So They Trust You As Patients Even doctors need specialists when it comes to lead nurturing. If you’re a doctor, chances are you’re thinking about the concept of lead nurturing for the first time.  Their traditional mindset of acquiring “patients with disorders” instead of “people […]

Have You Chosen The Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Medical Practices?

So, you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency for your healthcare services. Inbound marketing plays a massive role in creating a brand image for any service provider whether you own a clinic, hospital, diagnostic centre, pathology lab, or online health portal. If you have chosen to step into the healthcare digital marketing world to […]

5 Quick Tips For Guiding Your Patients Through The Ongoing Corona Pandemic

What seemed surreal a few months back has now attained reality. People around the globe are fixated on the spread of COVID-19 in every other country. Almost everyone is aware of the WHO safety guidelines by now and people are looking for more specific and in-depth information pertaining to varied aspects of health problems and […]

A Quick Guide on How to Improve Patient Experience

Building a strong relationship between the healthcare providers and there can result in significant benefits such as early detection of diseases, improve clinical outcomes, and most importantly, treat as many patients as possible. Our healthcare marketing agency has enlisted some strategies to extemporize your physician’s behaviour and patient’s experience. Here are a few key steps […]