Digital Marketing for Dental Practices During COVID-19 – Is It Worth The Expense?

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COVID-19 has forced dentists to offer only emergency treatments, which has led many dental clinics to stretch their financial constraints. During this tough time, one question is buzzing around the medical industry i.e., shall we pause or cancel our digital marketing campaigns and healthcare SEO?

Let us first understand what may happen if you cancel your digital marketing services.

Pausing or cancelling your organic SEO campaigns may sound fair at the time of crisis. But, when the industry returns roaring in the market (which it inevitably will), your competitors and the targeted audience will start without you. Dental practices backed by a rigid marketing campaign shall lead the industry, unlike those whose digital presence is no longer felt by the audience.

Many dentists feel digital marketing is an expensive service. As a leading digital marketing company in Pune, we ensure that strategies incorporated by us help dentists across the country achieve greater online visibility with ethical and reliable means. To prove it, we have shared some simple, practical, and actionable tactics to improve your online presence during these tough times.

Telehealthcare Marketing

By now, we all have seen the power of the internet. During the lockdown period, people were asked not to step out of their house and spend more time improving their health and immune system. We were left with no choice, rather than online fitness classes and online consultation. Individuals who were keen to visit their psychiatrist and psychologists were scheduling online sessions for therapies. Similarly, many doctors and dental experts accepted the digital medium to connect with their patients for follow-up and consultation.

You can level-up this game by introducing Telehealthcare marketing to your services. We can create a platform where the doctors can schedule teleconsultations. The platform includes two-way clinical communication, share files, documents, and pictures. Patients can book an appointment with their doctors in the comfort of their homes. There can also be online payment options, patient consent forms, and multi-doctor collaboration for surgical guidance, such as maxillofacial surgery.

Stay Updated

Many doctor’s office hours get inconsistent with what they have listed on their website. We make sure your office hours remain updated on the site and all the business listing platforms. Our SEO specialists will make the necessary modifications so that you don’t miss any potential patient on the hands of unpunctuality.

Content Audit

Now is the right time to audit the content on your website. We can suggest you trending topics, create custom pages, and help people get familiar with your practice and dental services. If there is any customized approach you make to attain successful treatment results, now is the time to introduce it to the world.

Engage with the audience

Live chats, free webinars, and an online interactive session between the patients and the doctors create an impressive impact on a large audience. People out there are scared and confused about where to go for a safe dental service. Your online engagement will surely create a lasting impression on your audience’s mind and help you navigate through their doubts and suspicions.

Revamp the website

If your dental website is old, now is the right time to hit the “refresh” button. Our SEO analysts and design department will brainstorm ideas to change, modify, and re-create each page of the website. A right site is the one that sends the right message to their audience. Every page you create, and every business profile you build; it must depict a story behind creating it. This way, your audience, especially the patients, will connect with you on a personal level. Thus, helping you find patients for a lifetime.

Build Links

A secure communication network does not harm any individual or business, especially during the global pandemic. We can create a report on the type of backlinks received on your website to tap into positive backlinks. This approach will boost your SEO. For more suggestions, get in touch with our SEO experts and analysts.

The Social Media Game

Most of your targeted audience spend one-third of their day on social media platforms. Your one broadcasted message will show the world how you are fighting against the global pandemic, COVID-19. Your current audience and patients will feel connected and keep the doctor-patient relationship going. At times, ask your patients/audience to choose a topic on which they want to gain more knowledge. You can go live on social media platforms to answer their queries and particular concerns.

Prepare your patients

As most people suffering from dental conditions cannot reach out to their dentist, you can prepare them for the worst-case scenario. How? Record a short video on what to do during an emergency dental care. Mention the do’s and don’ts of dental treatment to prevent toothache and tooth decay. You can also give instructions on how your patients can reach you during an emergency case.

Build Trust

The power of social media is limitless. You can engage with the audience, perform online consultation with your patients, and also address cases with mild symptoms. Trust build-up is the key to winning more patients. Explain to them on social media via videos, pictures, and infographics how you are prepared for the COVID-19. What has the necessary steps taken at the clinic for patient safety? How are they safe to visit the clinic by taking the necessary precautions?

At HMA, Pune, we are creating better opportunities for our clients and doctors to showcase their leadership, establish new relationships, and provide more support to them. Ours is a digital and social media marketing agency for dentists, healthcare practitioners, and doctors. The HMA team targets at growing your practice by unveiling the real powers of social media, digital platforms, websites, search engines, and more. To find out your custom solutions to grow your dental practices, call us today!

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