7 Laws

Of Healthcare Marketing


The More Visible You Are, The More People You’ll Help SEE Better

Major eye surgeries such as ‘LASIK’ and ‘Cataract Treatment’ are one of the highest ‘googled’ medical services today. Consequently, ophthalmologists around the world are upping their marketing practices to be on the top of the list. Do you know where you are, digitally? Recent research by the WHO shows that the number of people suffering from eye problems is rapidly growing every year. On the other hand, currently, the number of ophthalmologists isn’t going up at the same pace. The point being, if you play your marketing cards right, your patient base is guaranteed snowball. However, novice marketing tricks aren’t going to help you go beyond your expectations, for which, you need an articulately customized action plan which caters to your patient’s and your practice’s needs. And that’s where we come in! HMA is associated with expert surgeons and hospitals who help us analyze the ‘patient-practice’ relationship and create the most efficient marketing strategy that optimizes your digital presence in the healthcare industry.

Our 3 Advanced Strategic Moves
That’ll Boost Your Eye Treatments Exponentially

Displaying A Sturdy Online Reputation:

Almost 90% of the patients first search for eye-related treatments online and read Google reviews before contacting one of the ophthalmologists. Your online reputation is collectively portrayed by everything a patient can see about you and your clinical practices online after googling for one of your treatment options. Your reputation is built on what (and how) you share your qualifications and practices on your website, social media accounts and third-party healthcare platforms. The other factor that reflects on your online reputation is what patients say about you, i.e., your online reviews on Google and third-party platforms. Our team of designers and SEO professionals continually collaborate to come up with creative ways to keep your online image up-to-date and make your practices more influential.

Establishing Your Prominent Practices For The Right Patients:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Marketing isn’t about attracting every patient; it’s about attracting that specific crowd of patients who are looking for treatments and services that you offer and hence, are more probable to reach out to you. Being on the top rankings doesn’t help if you aren’t attracting the right patient base and gaining more loyal patients. Hence, you need to advertise your niche medical practices to target specific patients and design your website such that it tells them enough to know what you have to offer and how you can help them lead a healthy life. Creating a website is all about the presentation. A good website ensures that the patient sees everything he needs to know about you and your practices with minimal time and efforts. And that’s exactly what our SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization) professionals aim for when it comes to helping you advertise your practices.

Utilizing The Latest Of Everything:

Be it SEO, web design or advertising; our team rigorously keeps up with the date-to-date advancements in SEO technology and techniques. Our workflow is supported by a group of healthcare experts from various fields such as ophthalmology, orthopaedics, dermatology, dentistry, etc. who help us understand the patient’s mindset and guide our marketing strategies accordingly. Hence, with our latest knowledge and our vast experience in creating full-proof marketing strategies, we ensure that the right patients trust your practices and find their way to you. HMA specializes in customizing techniques to uniquely cater your needs and helping you form strong relationships with your patients. We understand the amount of time and efforts you have to put in your practices and hence, ensure our techniques ask for less attention and work better than your expectations. Ultimately, you can focus on your practices while we make sure that more and more patients receive them. Join the HMA family, and give a new digital face to your ophthalmologic practices.

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