How to Get More Patients to Your Clinic: A 5-Step Guide for Doctors

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Healthcare is changing. People are now actively involved in taking care of their and their loved one’s health. Today, Dr Google has more authority in guiding people to get the best healthcare service provider in town. Also, healthcare consumers spend more time comparing the testimonials, reviews, pricing, and services before choosing one healthcare provider.

This change in consumer’s behaviour towards selecting a healthcare service provider has motivated doctors to expand their services and make it easy access to a large number of patients. According to a survey – A doctor who wants to grow his/her practice needs at least 30 “new” patients per month. It is only possible when you offer high-quality services at affordable fees, make your patients happy, and most importantly, spread the word. How?

In this blog, we are about to discuss some of the major creative healthcare marketing practices, which are proven ways to help you grow and expand your patient-base.

  1. Patient-Doctor Relationship: When your main focus lies on growing your practice, you should first think of how to attract your patients (both old and new). The aim should be to attract new patients while winning the hearts of former, loyal patients.
    • Word-Of-Mouth still creates a huge impact on getting your services advertised. It might be the oldest marketing strategy but always has positive results. Nurture your existing patients with your highest standard of practice.
    • A follow-up call asking your patient regarding their experience at your clinic will make them feel valued and pampered, leading them to share their positive experience with their family, friends, and colleagues at work.
  2. Understand Your Patient's Expectations: Being a service provider, you'll need to know your patient's expectations and need to remain at the forefront of understanding your patients in a better way.
    • Conduct a patient satisfaction survey to understand what bothers your patients about the quality of care and treatment you are providing at your clinic.
    • Engage your patients in discussions related to your treatment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation program on your social media pages and patient portals.
    • Check the reviews left by your patient on your website to understand what experiences they faced at your clinic.
  3. Create Patient Referral Programs: To get more patients, you first need to understand your target audience. Secondly, do an internal marketing practice focused on patient referrals inside your clinic. There are three primary ways you can make your referral programs effective:
    • Ads and commercials: A short, informative, and conversational commercial will help your patients understand your services in a better way. Short stories about your patient's journey will create an emotional impact on the other patients
    • Referral Bonuses: Special discount on specific treatments, therapies, and medicines to your patients will surely create a buzz around the people looking for an affordable medium to restore their health.
    • Request for reviews: Ask your happy patients to leave a review on your website about their experience at your clinic. Facilitate it by sending a link to patients to post a review once they step out of the clinic. This practice will help you get more patients via online route.
  4. Build a robust online presence: People nowadays cross-check healthcare service providers online, before selecting the best. They check your websites, social media pages, Google reviews, and testimonials to ensure they are choosing the best clinic/hospital for the treatment. In this case, you will need a strong online presence and an authoritative influence over the internet, which can be achieved by the following steps:
    • An SEO strategy created by top professional digital marketers like HMA who are experts in conducting robust healthcare marketing, dental SEO, and other healthcare marketing trends.
    • Manage positive reviews, video testimonials, and inspirational short stories on your website and other social media pages.
    • Build a mobile-friendly website which is easy to navigate and has a clear UX interface.
    • Create a separate landing page with an explicit call-to-action instruction (book appointment, call for queries, or free consultation).
    • Although this is not sufficient to increase your patient-base, it will surely bring you to the competition. To get more insights into healthcare marketing, contact our experts, and we shall help you navigate through the best strategies and marketing tricks to gain new patients while sustaining the old ones.
  5. Grow Reach in Patient's Community: People enjoy reading newsletters that solve their health concerns or share tips to prevent certain diseases and health conditions. Newsletters are a great way of branding and keeping your healthcare practices at the forefront of the patient's mind.
    • Sponsor events and create a Facebook page for online patient's community. Facebook pages are a great way to showcase the culture of your practices and promote engagement by starting conversations on various health conditions and spreading awareness for it as a healthcare provider.
    • Be in touch with local and national media houses and build strong relations with them. Ask them to publish your campaign, community events, and healthcare activities on various news channels and newspapers.

Lastly, each of these tips should be examined and executed by a professional digital marketing agency. Get in touch with our HMA team, and our experts shall help you grow your patient-base by creating a strong online presence for your healthcare practice.

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