Ready-To-Use Patient Google Review  Request Template

(Bonus→ 15 immutable tips to tackle negative reviews)

Why should you care about reviews ?

91% of patients use Online Reviews to evaluate physicians

More positive Google Reviews increase your Business Listing rank, which translates to a 50% - 60% increase in treatment enquiries. And 60% of patients feel the Number of reviews a facility has is critical when choosing its services.

56% of patients changed their perspective on a physician or facility based on how they responded to their reviews

How to use this template? Just 1-2-3


Copy a template’s subject line and body copy to your email editor.


Replace the [patient’s name] brackets with your patient’s name, [Google review link] brackets with your Google Business Profile’s reviews URL, and [Name of your business] brackets with your brand name.


Test the link and proofread before you hit send 🏌️

Your Patient Review Request Template

Subject line/Message Heading:

Your feedback matters a lot

Dear [patient’s  name]

Thanks for your recent visit. It was our pleasure to provide our services to you. 

We take feedback from our patients very seriously as it allows us to continuously improve our services.

As a local business, we rely enormously on online word of mouth so please feel free to share your experience as a Google review using this link below.

[Google review link]

(You can simply copy the URL of your Google Reviews page)

Not sure about what to write? 

Here are a few suggestions that can help you frame your review.

  • What treatment/product did we provide and what did you like best about it?
  • Who in our team looked after you? (feel free to mention their name, they will be very flattered)
  • Briefly write about your treatment journey with us.
  • Which of our qualities do you think differentiates us from our competitors? 
  • What would you tell your friends or colleagues about us? 
  • Is there any way we can improve our experience/services offered? If so, how?

We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

Thanks again for choosing [Name of your business] 

warmest Regards,

[sign your name]

And Don’t

These 15 tips to tackle your negative reviews

  • You must appreciate ALL review responses, especially the negative ones – for their actual value. Appreciate their effort to communicate their thoughts on your brand with your team.
  • If someone has had a negative experience with you, they usually write their review soon after as Google Maps prompts users asking “How was [YourBrandName]?”. And they appriciate a swift reply.
  • On top of being quick and thoughtful in your response, be honest. Transparency goes a long way.
  • A business should never stoop down to a level of unprofessionalism. Keep the same attitude you’d want an employee to use in person.
  • One of the easiest ways to show empathy and compassion is to give them a real, emotional, custom response. Avoid relying on bots for responses.
  • Even if you remember the exact person leaving the review and know they were not acting in the right way, handle it like a true business professional and don’t get personal.
  • Even when it’s harsh, they are still offering you the chance to make it right. So try your best to make it right.
  • Don’t wait once you spot a negative review. Get their contact info, ask for the best way and time to communicate, and offer a genuine ear to their story, followed by an apology if necessary.
  • Show you want to make it right by offering a gift of peace like a bouquet or a care package. This could be the first step in resolving their opinion about you.
  • If you feel a gift wouldn’t fix the problem, a humble refund of the reviewer’s bill can work in most cases. But again, in most cases, not all of them.
  • Make sure their issue(s) have been resolved and inform them once its done. If they are happy, ask for them to remove the negative review if they haven’t already.
  • Sometimes it’s the competition, a former employee, or not even an actual customer who tries to take it out on your brand for whatever reason. You can flag and report such fake reviews to Google. Or you can respond with the fact that they aren’t your customer but you’d be happy to serve them.
  • Monitor your online presence to stay on top of all reviews consistently. By doing so, you’re able to apply all the previously mentioned tips for handling reviews but even faster. And if you’re unable to spend this time, let a dedicated healthcare agency like HMA do it for you.
  • The best way to ensure happy customers are leaving reviews is to recommend them leave reviews. Good reviews work alongside negative reviews to build a brand’s reputation. 
  • So if you haven’t already, go back up to download your Ready-To-Use Patient Review Request Template and build your online reputation like a pro.

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